50 Outdoor Spaces to Inspire

Need some inspiration for your outdoor space? Check out these seriously impressive outdoor rooms we’re coveting right now.

This contemporary New York patio space is simple and chic. By using creative lighting solutions they’ve created several break out areas in the one outdoor patio area making this space perfect for evening barbecues and backyard cocktail parties.

This incredible outdoor living area combines the patio and pool space seamlessly. The surrounding trees create strong shadows on the still pool water and exterior glass panels of the house creating the perfect hideaway oasis.

Why not transform your backyard into an open air cinema? Simply add a projector and thick sheet, some floor cushions and a few citronella candles and you’ve got the ideal outdoor room for watching all of your favourite flicks this summer.

If you have a view like this, all you need to add is some stylish and comfortable seating options like they’ve done here and you’ll feel like the only people in the world. The key here is to amplify the view by not letting anything block it.

This cosy patio space in San Diego may be rather on the small side, but they’ve absolutely used the entire area to promote complete relaxation with comfortable and vibrant seating options and a modern outdoor fire pit. The perfect place for kicking back with a glass of wine (or two) and a good book.

This outdoor space has it all. A view, seating area for dining, lounge area and even an outdoor kitchen. The perfect entertainer’s delight up high, made complete with a small patch of grass for good measure.

This is the backyard of a Hollywood Hills home owned by designer Tobi Tobin, so no wonder it’s completely stunning. With a central candlelit chandelier that can be lowered and raised, not to mention an outdoor fireplace, it’s the perfect place to chill out or entertain guests.

Often times verandahs get neglected as merely a passageway from inside to out. However in this home, they’ve completely transformed their verandah area into a peaceful indoor/outdoor room the whole family can enjoy.

What really makes this Malibu Ranch backyard owned by designers Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe stand out is the clever use of bright textiles to create a fun, inviting atmosphere for this outdoor living area.

Nothing promotes relaxation better than gentle, running water. This space is made incredibly peaceful with a gentle flowing stream running at the centre of this outdoor space with large stepping stone pavers used to create the perfect platforms for sitting or meditating.

This room provides the perfect harmony between indoor and outdoor. While not restricted by walls that confine the space, the roof with ceiling fan and downlights means that this outdoor space can function much like any other room in the home throughout the year.

At night this space comes alive with bright candles. The concrete and stone surfaces perfectly contrast with the soft white textiles used in the seating area.

This Moroccan-inspired courtyard makes you feel like you could be anywhere in the world. The use of floor rugs, cushions and low seating gives the space a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere despite the brightly coloured walls and surrounding features.

Who doesn’t love a good daybed? Adding a daybed to your outdoor space whether it be a patio, verandah or courtyard transforms the area from simply a place to barbeque to an area where you can dream, relax and spend time laying in the sun in complete comfort.

Often the smallest, most intimate spaces are the best. This is a perfect example of an elaborate alcove that’s decorated in vibrant tiling and well placed lime trees. The size of the space is irrelevant, when you use high quality finishings as they’ve done here.

Often planting choices make the biggest impact to the outdoor spaces of our home. This meek courtyard area is completely transformed by this incredible bougainvillea that works as the key focal point of this outdoor room.

If we can take any inspiration from this outdoor space it’s that lighting is one of the key elements to creating the perfect outdoor room. Consider carefully different lighting choices that will create ambient as well as task lighting.

This rustic desert outdoor room adheres to the old adage that less is certainly more. With some string lights, cactus and succulents, plus an outdoor recliner and throw rug this space is proof that you don’t need to combine too many elements to create the perfect outdoor living space.

This waterfront outdoor deck is made complete with a hanging egg chair that’s perfect for spending lazy summer afternoons in.

This homeowner has created their very own rainforest retreat by using a series of ferns and plants on the exterior of this terrace space. The bright blue table setting creates a fun and colourful contrast to the surrounding greenery and teal coloured overhead light.

Hammocks are the universal sign for relaxation. This bright orange, exotic hammock makes the perfect unexpected surprise as you walk down this green, forest like garden path.

If you’re working with a slender, narrow outdoor space like the one featured here, creating seating along the wall is the perfect way to maximise the space. This seating can also double as storage space.

By bringing inside elements outside, an outdoor room is created in the open. Complete with large sun umbrella and tea set, this outdoor room may not be a permanent set up, but it’s the perfect setting for a pleasant afternoon.

Why restrict yourself to the ground? This beautiful viewing platform on stilts is lit up with candles, creating the perfect romantic rendezvous spot after dark.

Water features are always wonderful for breaking up a space and bringing nature inside the home. This enclosed pond area seamlessly integrates with the rest of this home.

Combining simple, beautiful elements and colour this outdoor room comes to life with a hammock and bougainvillea becoming the key centerpiece features of this terrace.

If you have a view like this, the key is to keep the outdoor room clean and uncluttered. Let the view speak for itself by including minimal inspired furniture and plain textile colour choices. You want the focus to remain on the outlook, not on your cushion covers.

Outdoor drapes have been used effectively in this outdoor room to create additional privacy and to give a feeling of grandeur. The off white fabric contrasts beautifully with the surrounding greenery and floral accents.

By making the lighting the main focal point this outdoor space comes together perfectly. Paper lanterns aren’t expensive, yet they look really effective. For parties and events in outdoor spaces, lanterns like these are a great option.

Create your very own Moroccan oasis like the one in the image featured above by using bold patterns and colourful rugs and cushions. Mosaic glass lanterns make the perfect lighting choice here and really finish off this outdoor room beautifully.

This tent filled with cushions surrounded by flowers is the perfect afternoon hideaway for children and adults. Feminine fabrics are used to compliment the surrounding blooms which add to the magical appearance of this outside temporary escape.

With the option to enclose the space and create shade and shelter from the elements, this outdoor space is a room that can be used for most months of the year. Cane furniture complements this neat wooden deck area well.

By using glass for the walls and ceiling this outdoor room allows you to enjoy everything about the great outdoors, without concern for the wind or rain. While it does let the sun in, the large trees would provide adequate shade in this outdoor room suited to cooler climate areas.

This outdoor space proves that no matter how small an area, it can be made warm and inviting with the use of timber seating and some carefully chosen plants. It offers just the right amount of space to sit and enjoy a drink with someone special.

This house opens up beautifully onto an outdoor area. By having a wider, taller opening from inside to out, the transition is seamless and it’s almost as if the inside of the home transcends outside.

You don’t have to go too elaborate to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area. This quaint outdoor room combines different mismatched furniture items to bring together the perfect dining space surrounded by lush greenery.

If you entertain outdoors throughout the year, investing in a high quality granite top outdoor kitchen might be a good idea. This kitchen works well with the surrounding decor and colour scheme and means that even the most studious of chefs won’t have to miss out on the fun.

By dividing a larger space by providing different seating options you create a number of break-out spaces which are perfect for hosting parties. This terrace has sun beds, a dining table setting and a cosy lounge nook.

This stylish outdoor space has a romantic feel with overhead string lights and paper lanterns taking main focus. The completely white colour palette makes the space appear bigger.

This contemporary New York home has a backyard perfect for families with small children. The fake grass looks great, it’s completely low maintenance and also a preferable, soft surface for little ones to be playing on.

The elegant wall fountain really sets off this intimate courtyard space nicely and it becomes the perfect centerpiece to this outdoor room.

This Mediterranean styled narrow space is opulent and beautiful. Featuring a lengthy water feature and lantern lighting plus underwater lights, it’s a luxurious outdoor space.

Slate stepping stones make the perfect pathway across this small body of water. Complete with underwater lighting, the pond features complimentary plants which help to add a touch of green to this transitional space.

What works well in this contemporary patio in Melbourne is the use of glass fencing for the pool area. While it still keeps little ones safe, it doesn’t block off the area or create an obtrusive barrier, keeping the entire space open.

If you ever wanted to add an exciting feature to your pool, adding a waterfall is a great way to go. It not only looks beautiful but it will also create a gentle waterfall sound which you can enjoy every time you’ve got it running.

If some of your family members are of the four-legged kind, you might want to consider lower bench seating with comfy cushions on your outdoor decking area. That way the entire family can relax and enjoy your outdoor room in complete comfort!

Through clever landscaping, this backyard has been able to transform a small space into a pet-friendly pool and barbecue area with plenty of room for entertaining. The key to getting this look is to use different levels for different sections of your backyard like they’ve done here.

Who says fire pits have to be one specific shape? This patio in Los Angeles has a seriously stylish curved wall of fire that would be perfect for cool winter evenings.

For the ultimate in outdoor entertaining you can’t go past this well-designed courtyard space that features a flat screen television that can be stored away securely and brought out when it’s movie time.

For breakfast why not enjoy some outdoor dining? This outdoor breakfast bar works well with this contemporary home featuring windows that fold open.

When there’s an important sporting event on, having a television in close proximity to your barbecue and an outdoor bar fridge is really the ultimate. This patio area is the perfect outdoor man cave.

Nothing beats a lush, green lawn. Lawns are versatile for entertaining and they make the perfect place for kids to play. As long as you are able to maintain your lawn, it will give you many years of enjoyment.

Love gardening? Why not try installing some raised garden beds in your backyard and grow your own vegetables like they’re doing here? It’s not only fun, but it can save you money too. Plus it can be really rewarding.

As you can see from the outdoor rooms above, with some clever design choices and careful planning you can transform your outdoor area into your favourite space in your home, no matter how big or small the space is you have to work with.