Top Tips on How to Clean Your Concrete Floor


Concrete floors are becoming a popular choice due to their fashionable and decorative yet durable nature. However, over time they can accumulate dirt and grime. As this happens slowly, it’s often hard to notice how dirty your floor has actually become, but a good clean will bring it back to its former glory.

Different types of concrete flooring require different methods to clean them. For example decorative concrete (typically used indoors) requires different care to standard concrete (typically used outdoors and in garages).

Here we will outline how best to clean both types of concrete:

Decorative concrete

  • Sweep it off

When cleaning concrete, you should always start by sweeping the floors with a broom, and then go over it again with a dust mop. This ensures that all debris big and small is removed from the surface before the real cleaning begins.

  • Grab a bucket

You can then use a bucket full of warm water mixed with a dash of mild soap (think dishwashing liquid or similar) or a mild floor cleaner (be sure not to use vinegar or chemicals such as ammonia). This mix of water and mild detergent is usually enough for a good clean, as stronger chemicals can actually destroy the finish of decorative concrete.

  • Mop it up

When mopping the surface, work through small sections at a time, wringing the mop well each time. Once you have completed the entire surface, rinse out the bucket and complete the above process again, but this time with warm water only. This will remove any excess soap from the surface. Allow the floors to dry naturally, and before you know it you’ll see that tidy sparkle return.

  • Maintain

It’s wise to clean your floors regularly to keep them looking polished and tidy. It’s also a good idea to rebuff your floors occasionally to maintain their polished look, and reseal them every few years to maintain their longevity.

Standard concrete


Exterior concrete floors are usually made from standard concrete as they are not required to be aesthetically pleasing like indoor flooring. They are highly durable as a result, but they do also benefit from regular cleaning.

  • Sweep it up

Like its decorative concrete floor cousin, when cleaning a standard concrete floor it’s recommended that you first sweep up all the dust and debris.


  • Hose it down

Once debris has been cleared, a good hose down with a high pressure water hose should do the trick. Use a sideways motion working from the rear to the front of the room and floor.  Pay particular attention to any cracks or crevasses that may have collected extra dirt.

  • Scrub for good measure

For extra cleaning, use a concrete specific cleaner and scrub into the surface with a brush or broom. Rinse again at high pressure.

A regular clean is recommended to keep your exterior floors clean and tidy.  Just because your floors are made from concrete, it doesn’t mean they don’t need a little TLC every now and then.

Follow these steps to keep your floors looking clean and polished, whether they are external or internal. It will do wonders for your space and personal satisfaction.