Overcrete Resurfacing System

Overcrete Resurfacing System

What is Overcrete?

Overcrete is a concrete resurfacing system technically known as a ‘polymer modified cement based coating’. Overcrete Resurfacing System is designed to resurface new and used concrete or bitumen.
The system is made up of four main products:

1. Overcrete Resurfacing Compound
Overcrete Resurfacing Compound is a cement based product that comes in a 20 Kg bag known by the trade as ‘bag of base’. There are three different colours available ‘Ivory’, Light Grey’ and ‘White’.

2. Cement Activator
Cement Activator is a water-based polymer resin which gives the overcrete it’s excellent adhesion and improved strength.

3. Colour Powder Tint
Overcrete Colour Powder Tint’s are made from 100% UV stable pigments and metal iron oxides, which means they will not fade from the sun.

4. Concrete Sealer
The concrete sealer forms a protective film to help keep overcrete clean and prevent unwanted stains. Concrete Sealers can vary from water or solvent based acrylic to polyurethanes. For more information on concrete sealer, see our video .....

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Product used in the system

Overcrete Resurfacing Compound

Overcrete Resurfacing Compound

Colour Powder Tint

Powder Tint

Cement Activator


Concrete Sealer 24 High Gloss



Concrete Resurfacing Layers guide

The Process

Overcrete Resurfacing System

Please navigate through our step-by-step guide to help you understand what concrete resurfacing is and the design possibilities. 

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