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If you have any questions or concerns about personal information displayed on, or collected by a particular On-Crete web page or online system, you can:

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Google Analytics

On-Crete Australia uses Google Analytics to gather statistics about how our web content is used, and statistics about our visitors such as their browsers and geographic location. No personally identifying information is collected.

The information collected includes:

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Other cookies and tracking

There may be additional cookies and tracking in some On-Crete Australia sites and systems for the purposes of:

  • creating anonymous usage statistics and analytics for the site or system
  • managing transactions across multiple pages
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  • remembering your preferences for a system, such as text size

Some On-Crete Australia web pages may also contain embedded content from non-On-Crete sites, such as videos, audio, slideshows, maps, forms, surveys and social media. This content may contain cookies from the originating site. Please refer to the original site for their privacy policies.

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Product Warranty 

ON-CRETE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD. has no control over the use or storage of this product and therefore does not accept any liability in this regard. Any verbal advice given should not be regarded as authoritative information. This  information is subject to change without notice, therefore all applicators should ensure they have current information. This product is intended for use for only skilled tradesmen and where applicable statutory licensed tradesmen, experienced and trained in the use of this product. This product is warranted to be of uniform quality within the manufacture’s tolerance. The manufacture has no control over the use or misuse of this product, therefore no warranty rests or implied, is or can be made either as to the effects of such use. The manufacturer’s obligations shall be limited to replacing product proving to be defective.